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The Yazoo City Club is located with walking distance of schools, community resources, and historic places.
Address:  516 Canal St, Yazoo City, MS 39194 
Phone: (662) 746-2322/(662) 763-8461
Email: Judy Abels, Unit Director - [email protected]  or YD Staff: [email protected]

The Yazoo City Club officially opened it's doors under the Boys & Girls of the Mississippi Delta in 2007.  Mrs. Judy Ables now serves as Unit Director for the Club.  Since that time, thousands of Yazoo County youth have been Members of the Yazoo City Club and benefited from the support and mentorship provided by Judy and her team of youth development staff, foster-grandparents, and volunteers.

The Yazoo City Club is a wonderful example of a Club operating in "the Boys & Girls Clubs' Way".  Club members participate in the 5 Core Program Areas, beginning each day by reciting the BGCA Code in Assembly, and moving into Snacks and Power Hour before breaking off into various SMART Kids Programs, Money Matters, Power Hour, TriplePlay, TorchClub, ClubTech, Youth of the Month, Passport to Manhood, Career Launch, STEM DIY, and other programs like Cal Ripken's Badges for Baseball, our new partnership with Special Olympics Mississippi, Community Service Projects, visual and music arts. 
The list of programs offered is long and varied.  Attention is paid to the age/gender appropriateness of the participants.  Mrs. Ables and her staff also pay attention to the needs and interests of each Club member and work diligently to develop a healthy and dependable relationship with each Member and their family members.  This type of engagement helps ensure that our Members know they can rely upon and trust our staff and our staff knows our Members and their families and have an open line of communication.

How many of you can remember your VERY first time at bat?  The weight of the bat in your hands? The sound of your teammates cheering you on? The nervousness in your stomach that you would be the kid who struck out?  Your coaches reminding you to keep your eye on the ball?  For most of us this is such a commonplace event we can't recall the joy and sense of accomplishment or something as simple as our first turn at bat.  For many of our members this is not a commonplace milestone...it is considered a luxury to hold a real bat and take that swing.  I want to share the story of one little boy and his first time to bat...

"Meet "J", a handful, mostly love. " J" gets out of the car & you know its going to be a long day. You are not sitting, you have to keep your eyes out for "J". " J" is a foster child. We all have sad stories, but this child is it. We let the 9-12 year olds hold baseball camp. They showed kids how to hit. They showed them the bases, the basics. Hey Guys!!! you know how to play--now let them play! Guide them! " J" in line, breaks line, he doesn't know. Finally its his turn to bat. Strike 1! Strike 2! Come on guys show him! He has never done this before. They show how to hold his feet. They show him how to hold the bat! Wait on it Jerrod. Wait to you know its yours. They cheered him on! Smack! "J" didn't know where first base was he was too excited! He was too busy giving HIGH 5's.

This is a photograph of this momentous and simple moment in this young boy's life.


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