The Top Child Safety Tips

As a parent, your number one priority is making sure your child is safe and healthy. However, that’s not always easy to do, especially once your kids start going to school and aren’t always with you. With unintentional injury being the leading cause of death for children and teens, it’s essential to make sure your children know how to stay safe even when you’re not around. In this article, we’ll share some of the top child safety tips to ensure that your kids remain safe.

The Most Important Safety Tips to Protect Children

  • General Safety
    • Memorize important information—your name, your address, and your phone number. But, never give them out to others
    • If you get lost somewhere, stay put. Don’t wander around
  • Home Safety
    • Never answer the door, especially when you are home alone
    • Never answer the phone when you are alone unless you know who’s calling
    • Be safe on the internet, like letting a parent or guardian know when you see something that makes you uncomfortable, never giving out personal information, and never sharing your password
    • Know where to find the family emergency contact information
    • Understand how to dial 9-1-1 and the situations that require it
    • Know the family plan in case you need to shelter or escape if there is a fire, a tornado, a flood, or some other threat
    • Stay away from the medicine cabinet, tools, and others dangerous items in the home
  • Street Safety
    • Always stop and look both ways before crossing the street
    • Know what traffic signs and signals mean
    • Never run next to the street
  • Recreation Safety
    • Water safety—only swim under adult supervision, follow all posted rules
    • Bicycle safety—always wear a helmet, stop and look both ways before crossing the street, don’t ride in the street, don’t ride at night
  • School Safety
    • Don’t eat food from strangers
    • Don’t give out personal information to other students or strangers
    • Never climb on the fence or leave the playground area during recess
    • Have a safe place for kids to go after school, like a daycare or after school program

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta aim to serve the children in our communities, especially by keeping them safe. One of the ways we do this is through our afterschool programs which provide homework help, fitness activities, workforce development, literacy activities, and more. 

Each of our clubs provides kids with a safe place to play, learn, exercise, and receive nutritious foods. Find out how you can get involved with our organization by signing your child up for a club or afterschool program, making a donation, or volunteering to help our cause today!

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