Summer Safety for Kids

Soon, schools will be letting out all around the country for summer break. That means it will be time for kids to go swimming at the pool, play outside, ride bikes, go to summer camp, and take a break from school (but hopefully not a full break from learning). While summer is a time for fun and relaxation, it’s also important to go over summer safety tips with your kids to make sure they are prepared and stay safe during their break.

Teaching Kids Summer Safety

Summer safety for elementary students and teenagers is especially important since many of them may be home alone during the day while you’re at work. Here are some of the best tips to know about summer safety for kids:

  • General Safety
    • Don’t answer the door or phone when you’re home alone
    • Only go somewhere when you’ve received permission from your parents
    • Memorize important information—like your address and your parents’ phone numbers
    • Don’t talk to strangers or go anywhere with someone else, unless they are a designated and trusted adult. It’s also good to go over the signs of a child predator and teach your child what is and is not appropriate behavior
    • Don’t play with dangerous objects inside the house or get into things that are off-limits
  • Water and Pool Safety
    • Only swim under adult supervision and in designated swimming areas
    • Don’t run around pools
    • Always look before jumping into a pool
    • Obey all pool rules
    • Swim with a buddy and keep an eye on each other
    • Don’t eat or chew gum while you swim
  • Outdoor Safety
    • Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat when going outside for extended periods of time. Find shade when it gets too hot
    • Practice bike safety when riding—like always wearing a helmet, stopping at intersections, looking both ways before crossing streets, avoiding riding in the street, and never riding at night

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta aim to serve the children in our communities, especially by keeping them safe. One of the ways we do this is through our afterschool and summer programs which provide homework help, fitness activities, workforce development, literacy activities, and more. 

Each of our clubs provides kids with a safe place to play, learn, exercise, and receive nutritious foods. If you’re looking for a safe place where your child can go during the summer, consider signing them up for a summer club or program today!

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