Military Youth

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While military youth are resilient, adapting to a new culture, multiple parental deployments, and relocation, can be challenging. Imagine having to pick up your life and relocate to a different city, or a foreign country, at any given moment. This is a reality for nearly 2 million kids with a parent serving in the military.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta recognizes the challenges facing military-affiliated youth - some of our nation's most resilient yet vulnerable youth. We provide a safe, positive environment that helps these children and teens cope with the unique pressures of their circumstances and reach their full potential.

To effectively serve military youth, we must first account for the needs and challenges of the entire military family. All program and transportation fees are waived through Club scholarships for military-affiliated youth.


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Ways To Support Military Youth

Members of the military sacrifice a lot in order to protect our country. They often put their lives on the line and give up many aspects of a normal life. This is a sacrifice that their family members make as well. Military families face many challenges, especially when a family member is deployed. These challenges can be particularly hard for military children, as they often have to move to new areas, leave friends and family behind, start at new schools, move into new housing, and endure many other changes to their everyday lives.

With over 1.6 million military children in the U.S., it’s always important for others to understand how to help the families of our service members. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the top ways to support military children.

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