Lexington Club

The Lexington Club is located on the grounds of the Lexington School Complex.

Address: William Dean Jr. Elementary School, 96 Rockport Rd, Lexington, MS

Phone: (662) 739-1938

Email: Unit Director - [email protected]

Mrs. Kawanna Horton has served as Unit Director since 2016. Since that time, 1,000+ Holmes County youth have been Members of the Lexington Club and benefited from the support and mentorship provided by Kawanna and her youth development staff.

The Lexington Club is a wonderful example of a Club operating in "the Boys & Girls Clubs' Way." Club members participate in the 5 Core Program Areas. They begin each day by reciting the BGCA Code in assembly and moving into Snacks and Power Hour before breaking off into various programs: SMART Kids, Money Matters, Power Hour, TriplePlay, TorchClub, ClubTech, Youth of the Month, Passport to Manhood, Career Launch, STEM DIY, and other programs like Cal Ripken's Badges for Baseball, our new partnership with Special Olympics Mississippi, Community Service Projects, visual and musical arts. Mrs. Horton and her staff go above and beyond:

  • Spending extra time with Club members.
  • Taking them to film trips and SEC football games.
  • Having cookouts and movie nights.

Lexington has produced the BGCMSD's Youth of the Year candidate for the last few years. One of these candidates has been selected as the Mississippi Youth of the Year. This extra attention shows. 

Mrs. Horton and her staff also pay attention to the needs and interests of each Club member. They work diligently to develop a healthy and dependable relationship with each Member and their family members. This engagement helps ensure that our Members know they can rely upon and trust our staff. Our staff knows our Members and their families and has an open line of communication.

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P O Box 1718
Greenwood, MS 38930
(662) 763-5234

[email protected]