Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Once school lets out, it’s time for kids around the country to take a break from their studies (but not a complete break) and enjoy themselves. During the summer, kids should get outside, spend time with their friends, play, explore, and have a good time. However, it’s not always easy to know the best ways to safely keep kids occupied and entertained. In this article, we’ll share some of the top summer activities for kids to help them have a fun, safe summer.

The Top Summer Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities

  • Riding bikes. Riding bikes is a summer staple for kids, and is an easy way for them to meet up with their friends. Just make sure they practice bike safety while riding.
  • Going swimming. It wouldn’t be summer without going swimming. Whether it’s at a neighborhood pool or your own pool in your backyard, it’s a great way for kids to play and get some vitamin D. Just make sure they always wear sunscreen and follow water safety rules.
  • Slip ‘n slide. Similar to swimming, kids can also set up a slip ‘n slide in your yard so they can have fun with water even if you don’t have a pool. Why not build your own waterpark right in your backyard?
  • Water balloons and water guns. Another classic summer activity is playing with water balloons and water guns. This is a fun way to entertain kids that also provides them with plenty of exercise as they run around. Be sure to always have them clean up the balloons they throw, though.
  • Outdoor movie night. Another fun way to get outside is to set up a projector in your yard and have an outdoor movie night.
  • Playing sports. Many kids around the country will be playing some type of organized sport during the summer months, but children can also enjoy playing at home, whether it’s playing basketball in the driveway, backyard baseball, making a putt-putt course, or any other sport.
  • Build an obstacle course. Kids can also build an obstacle course in your yard for a fun way to work out both their minds and their bodies.
  • Camping. Whether you go on a trip as a family or just set up a tent in the backyard, camping offers kids a fun way to switch things up and enjoy the outdoors.

Indoor Activities

  • Watch movies. Most parents will want to limit how much time their kids spend watching movies and TV during their summer break. However, you can get creative by making a movie viewing guide with your child to introduce them to movies they haven’t seen before. You can also have discussions about movies to make it more than just a form of entertainment.
  • Build a fort. Kids can also build a fort inside the house to play and imagine they are in a different world. They just have to make sure to clean up when they’re done.
  • Camp inside. If the weather is bad, kids can also bring their tent into the house and camp inside. Even though they haven’t gone anywhere, it can still make things more fun and exciting.
  • Build with LEGOs. Building with LEGOs is a great way for kids to have fun and also work their minds. There are many benefits to playing with LEGOs, like developing fine motor skills, teaching kids to plan, and more.
  • Learning new games. Summer is also a good time to teach kids how to play new games, whether it’s a card game, a board game, or even a beneficial video game.
  • Reading. Many students will have a summer reading list assigned by their school, but you can also work with your child to create your own list of books to read. You can then discuss the book, how they liked it, what they thought, and more.
  • Art projects. Art projects aren’t only for school. You can keep your kids entertained and allow them to get creative by planning art projects while they are home during the summer. There are hundreds of different projects out there that will provide a fun, engaging experience, so choose the one that’s best for your child. 
  • Put on a play or make a home movie. Kids can also flex their creativity by putting on a play or making a home movie. This allows kids to come up with their own stories, dress up, act, sing, and create something unique of their own. 

Join a Summer Club

Not every parent will be able to be at home with their kids all day during the summer, which can limit the activities children are able to do. However, another great summer activity for kids that will allow them to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities safely is signing them up for a summer club. These clubs generally offer a wide variety of engaging activities, and can even help your child to continue learning while school is out.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta aim to serve the children in our communities, especially by keeping them safe. One of the ways we do this is through our afterschool and summer programs which provide homework help, fitness activities, workforce development, literacy activities, and more.

Each of our clubs provides kids with a safe place to play, learn, exercise, and receive nutritious foods. If you’re looking for a safe place where your child can go during the summer, consider signing them up for a summer club or program today!

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